6 Best High Protein Nuts You Should Eat

Benefits of Including Nuts in Your Diet

1. Improved blood sugar management.

 3. Enhanced protein intake & overall health

2. Potential reduction of insulin resistance.

With approximately 7 grams of protein and 161 calories per ounce, peanuts stand out as an exceptional choice. Peanuts are not just a protein-rich option but also an affordable choice within the category of high-protein nuts.

1. Peanuts

In almonds, find 6 grams of protein and 164 calories per ounce. Recognized as a top source of essential minerals, almonds offer versatility in usage.

2. Almonds

Pistachios, with around 6 grams of protein and 159 calories per ounce, offer a comprehensive nutritional profile. They have potential weight management benefit with their shell slowing down the eating process.

3. Pistachios

Besides being super tasty, cashews offer about 5 grams of protein and 157 calories per ounce. Significant health advantages include copper for bones and heart health.

4. Cashews

Contains protein content of 4 grams and 178 calories per ounce. Contains high levels of antioxidants combating inflammation and reducing oxidative stress.

5. Hazelnuts

Contains protein content of 4 grams and 180 calories per ounce. Also packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

6. Walnuts

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